New Zealand F1 Futures 2008 - Men's Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
F Colin Ebelthite (AUS) 1 Rameez Junaid (AUS) 2 H2H 1-0
SF Colin Ebelthite (AUS) 1 Andrew Coelho (AUS) 4 H2H 4-1
SF Rameez Junaid (AUS) 2 Jose Statham (NZL) H2H 2-0
QF Colin Ebelthite (AUS) 1 Young-Jun Kim Q H2H 1-0
QF Andrew Coelho (AUS) 4 Raphael Durek (AUS) 8 H2H 2-1
QF Jose Statham (NZL) Daniel King-Turner (NZL) 3 H2H 3-0
QF Rameez Junaid (AUS) 2 Steven Goh (AUS) H2H 2-1
R16 Colin Ebelthite (AUS) 1 Andrew Roberts (AUS) H2H 2-1
R16 Young-Jun Kim Q Philip Bester (CAN) H2H 1-0
R16 Andrew Coelho (AUS) 4 Marinko Matosevic (AUS) H2H 3-0
R16 Raphael Durek (AUS) 8 Arata Onozawa (JPN) H2H 1-0
R16 Jose Statham (NZL) Brydan Klein 7 H2H 2-2
R16 Daniel King-Turner (NZL) 3 Finn Tearney (NZL) WC H2H 1-0
R16 Steven Goh (AUS) Nathan Healey (AUS) 5 H2H 1-0
R16 Rameez Junaid (AUS) 2 Kento Takeuchi (JPN) H2H 1-0
R32 Colin Ebelthite (AUS) 1 Nick Trkulja (AUS) Q H2H 1-0
R32 Andrew Roberts (AUS) Alex Bothe (AUS) Q H2H 1-0
R32 Philip Bester (CAN) Matt Simpson (NZL) H2H 1-0
R32 Young-Jun Kim Q Greg Jones (AUS) 6 H2H 2-0
R32 Andrew Coelho (AUS) 4 Yuichi Ito (JPN) H2H 1-0
R32 Marinko Matosevic (AUS) Lance Vodicka (USA) H2H 1-0
R32 Arata Onozawa (JPN) Mikal Statham (NZL) WC H2H 2-1
R32 Raphael Durek (AUS) 8 Alan Poric (AUS) Q H2H 1-0
R32 Brydan Klein 7 Ciaran Moore (RSA) Q H2H 1-0
R32 Jose Statham (NZL) Marcus Daniell (NZL) WC H2H 4-0
R32 Finn Tearney (NZL) WC Whit Livingston (USA) LL H2H 1-0
R32 Daniel King-Turner (NZL) 3 G.D. Jones (NZL) WC H2H 2-1
R32 Nathan Healey (AUS) 5 David To (AUS) Q H2H 2-0
R32 Steven Goh (AUS) Clifford Marsland (AUS) Q H2H 1-0
R32 Kento Takeuchi (JPN) Adam Thompson (NZL) H2H 1-0
R32 Rameez Junaid (AUS) 2 Patrick Ganet (AUS) Q H2H 1-0

New Zealand F1 Futures 2008 - Men's Doubles

Player 1Player 2 12
F A Coelho / B Klein (AUS/) 3 I Frost / L Frost (AUS/AUS)
SF A Coelho / B Klein (AUS/) 3 R Junaid / D King-Turner (AUS/NZL) 1
SF I Frost / L Frost (AUS/AUS) R Durek / N Healey (AUS/AUS) 2
QF R Junaid / D King-Turner (AUS/NZL) 1 Y Ito / K Takeuchi (JPN/JPN)
QF A Coelho / B Klein (AUS/) 3 C Marsland / M Matosevic (AUS/AUS)
QF I Frost / L Frost (AUS/AUS) J Statham / A Thompson (NZL/NZL) 4
QF R Durek / N Healey (AUS/AUS) 2 S Goh / A Roberts (AUS/AUS)
R16 R Junaid / D King-Turner (AUS/NZL) 1 P Ganet / A Poric (AUS/AUS)
R16 Y Ito / K Takeuchi (JPN/JPN) W Livingston / L Vodicka (USA/USA)
R16 A Coelho / B Klein (AUS/) 3 M Daniell / J Meredith (NZL/NZL) WC
R16 C Marsland / M Matosevic (AUS/AUS) P Bester / M Statham (CAN/NZL)
R16 I Frost / L Frost (AUS/AUS) M Pigou / A Staub (NZL/NZL) WC
R16 J Statham / A Thompson (NZL/NZL) 4 G Jones / M Simpson (NZL/NZL)
R16 S Goh / A Roberts (AUS/AUS) L Mackenzie / F Tearney (NZL/NZL) WC
R16 R Durek / N Healey (AUS/AUS) 2 J Lindner / D To (AUS/AUS)

New Zealand F1 Futures 2008 - Men's Qualifying Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
FQ Young-Jun Kim Joel Lindner (AUS) 1 H2H 1-0
FQ Nick Trkulja (AUS) Nick Coutts (CAN) H2H 1-0
FQ David To (AUS) 3 Marvin Barker (NZL) H2H 1-0
FQ Patrick Ganet (AUS) 10 Isaac Frost (AUS) 4 H2H 1-1
FQ Clifford Marsland (AUS) 5 Andrew Gregory 9 H2H 1-0
FQ Alex Bothe (AUS) Leon Frost (AUS) 6 H2H 1-0
FQ Ciaran Moore (RSA) 7 Whit Livingston (USA) 11 H2H 1-0
FQ Alan Poric (AUS) 12 Sun-Yong Kim (KOR) 8 H2H 1-0
SFQ Joel Lindner (AUS) 1 Daniel Davies H2H 1-0
SFQ Young-Jun Kim Jared Easton (AUS) H2H 1-0
SFQ Nick Trkulja (AUS) Hyun-Soo Lim 2 H2H 1-0
SFQ Nick Coutts (CAN) Alexander Reedtz H2H 1-0
SFQ David To (AUS) 3 James Meredith (NZL) H2H 1-0
SFQ Marvin Barker (NZL) Tsubasa Morizane (JPN) H2H 1-0
SFQ Isaac Frost (AUS) 4 Patrick Flint (CAN) H2H 1-0
SFQ Patrick Ganet (AUS) 10 Logan Mackenzie (NZL) H2H 1-1
SFQ Clifford Marsland (AUS) 5 Masayuki Fujisawa (JPN) H2H 1-0
SFQ Andrew Gregory 9 Adam Staub (NZL) H2H 1-0
SFQ Leon Frost (AUS) 6 Matt Fox (AUS) H2H 1-0
SFQ Alex Bothe (AUS) Nai-Zheng Yu (CHN) 13 H2H 1-0
SFQ Ciaran Moore (RSA) 7 Yasuo Miyazaki (JPN) H2H 1-0
SFQ Whit Livingston (USA) 11 Michael Pigou (NZL) H2H 1-0
SFQ Sun-Yong Kim (KOR) 8 Asger Hess-Olesen H2H 1-0
SFQ Alan Poric (AUS) 12 Shotaro Suzuki (JPN) H2H 1-0
QFQ Joel Lindner (AUS) 1 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Daniel Davies Glenn Jackson (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Young-Jun Kim Shinnosuke Otsuka (JPN) H2H 1-0
QFQ Jared Easton (AUS) Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Hyun-Soo Lim 2 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Nick Trkulja (AUS) Clive Wright (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Nick Coutts (CAN) Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Alexander Reedtz Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ David To (AUS) 3 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ James Meredith (NZL) Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Marvin Barker (NZL) Alessio Scivetti (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Tsubasa Morizane (JPN) Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Isaac Frost (AUS) 4 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Patrick Flint (CAN) Josh Nelson (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Logan Mackenzie (NZL) Klaus Weber (NZL) H2H 1-0
QFQ Patrick Ganet (AUS) 10 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Clifford Marsland (AUS) 5 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Masayuki Fujisawa (JPN) Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Adam Staub (NZL) Sam Barr (NZL) H2H 1-0
QFQ Andrew Gregory 9 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Leon Frost (AUS) 6 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Matt Fox (AUS) Stuart Robertson (NZL) H2H 1-0
QFQ Alex Bothe (AUS) Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Nai-Zheng Yu (CHN) 13 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Ciaran Moore (RSA) 7 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Yasuo Miyazaki (JPN) Jake Gard'ner (NZL) H2H 1-0
QFQ Michael Pigou (NZL) Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Whit Livingston (USA) 11 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Sun-Yong Kim (KOR) 8 Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Asger Hess-Olesen Bye
H2H 0-0
QFQ Shotaro Suzuki (JPN) Joseph Squillacioti (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Alan Poric (AUS) 12 Bye
H2H 0-0

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