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Tennis and Football Tipster Competition

Our Tipster Competition will resume in January 2018

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  • Register here if you haven't already.
  • To be eligible for prizes, you need to open a Bet365 Account via this link! and set your Bet365 username in your settings.
  • IMPORTANT – You must open a Bet365 account after clicking a link from our website (unless you already got one) in order to receive the cash prizes. Standard Bet365 terms and conditions apply.
  • The competition is weekly, runs from Monday till Sunday. So all bets placed on Sunday for the following Monday or Tuesday will count into the current week.
  • You need to bet on a minimum of 5 different betslips to qualify for the weekly cash prize competition.
  • Weekly Prizes: $120 / €110 / £100 in total!

  • 1st prize: $36 / €33 / £30
  • 2nd prize: $24 / €22 / £20
  • 3rd prize: $18 / €16.50 / £15
  • 4th prize: $12 / €11 / £10
  • 5th to 9th prizes: $6 / €5.50 / £5
  • Please note all cash prizes will be paid by Paypal or Skrill but you must have a Bet365 Account that you can to open by clicking here to participate in our game. You MUST fill in your Bet365 username in your profile to receive the cash prizes! The payments will be made always within 10 days after the week has finished. Only users 18 years and older can claim the cash prizes.


    Sign Up NOW and receive 1000 Coins for free plus additional 500 Coins every day that you can bet with:)

    Only one account per user is allowed, users with multiple accounts won't qualify for our game.

    No Maximum bet limit, you can bet as much as you want on one betslip, minimum bet is 50 coins.

    Easy to add multiple matches to your betslip now, add them directly from the today's matches or tournament page.

    You need to bet on a minimum of 5 different betslips to qualify for the weekly cash prize competition.

    The competition runs from every Monday to Sunday. Any matches that you bet on in the current week (so on Friday, Saturday or Sunday) and are played the following week are counting into the current week. We are trying to settle bets three or four times every day so you can bet again.

    Play the Virtual Game

    Just follow these steps…

    1. Register here if you haven't already
    2. After signing up, you will get 1000 MS coins to make virtual bets with, plus you will receive 500 additional MS Coins every single day
    3. To make a bet simply click on any virtual odds on the tournament draws, head to head pages or today's upcoming matches and these odds will be added to your betslip
    4. After entering the amount of coins you wish to bet (either on an individual match, or as a parlay - more matches combined), please click the 'Place Bets' button
    5. To qualify for our Bet365 cash prize game, you will need to make at least 5 separate bets (5 different betslips with different matches, so two identical betslips only count as one) - minimum bet per betslip is 50 MS Coins, but the maximum bet is unlimited. Tipsters must be over 18 to claim the cash prizes
    6. To keep up to date with what other users are betting on, simply follow them. You will see their bets and other activity on your timeline

    You can also make comments on your profile page and see all your stats (profit, yield, success rate, leaderboard rank, all the bets made)

    Check the leader board every day to see how you’re ranking.

    Please note that this is our first version, so we are still trying to fix some bugs and errors. Your feedback and help will be mostly appreciated so we can improve our website every day :) Please send your feedback to:

    Betting Guide:

  • If you click on any odds from the 'todays matches, tournament pages and h2h pages, you will be selecting our virtual odds.
  • After selecting odds from the virtual bets box, they will be added to your betslip as Pending Bets (on mobiles you will have to press the button 'to betslip' to see your selection)
  • Enter the number (amount) of coins you would like to bet on the particular match or matches into the amount box in the betslip
  • You will see the potential total return available
  • If you are happy with your selection, click the 'Place Bets' button
  • After placing the bets, they will show in your betslip as Active Bets
  • The competition is weekly, runs from Monday till Sunday. So all bets placed on Sunday for the following Monday or Tuesday will count into the current week.

  • Single bets - one match per betslip. Example: you bet 100 coins at odds 1.50, total return is 150 coins (1.50 X 100) with a 50 coins profit

    Parlay - 2 or more matches per betslip. Example: you bet 100 coins on two matches (in the parlay box) with odds 1.50 and 2.00, total return is 300 coins (1.50 X 2.00 X 100) with a 200 coins profit

    Important: Some odds for the matches that have finished just a few seconds ago might still be showing on our system. However, even if a user places a bet on those matches and our system accepts them, the bets won't count and the users will be refunded the amount of coins bet.

    Settling of the bets:

    We will try to settle the bets as soon as we can to allow you to bet on more matches. If you come across any irregularities, please leave us a feedback:)

    Good luck!

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